The filming of Remora took place in Rhyl and Towyn throughout November in 2015. 

The North Wales coast became home to a cast & crew of around thirty that hunkered down in an old seafront hotel that doubled as a shooting location for many of the interior scenes in the film. The cast lived in the relative comfort of a luxury caravan park. They even had their own pool. 

 Shooting on the North Wales coast in November provided challenges and blessings in equal measure. We had access to a variety of great locations within a few minutes drive of our base but also the misfortune of periods of hellish weather.  On one occasion, due to a hurricane warning, an entire sequences lighting set up, had to be switched from exterior large source lighting through windows, to interior practical lighting from lamps in shot. The cast and crew rose to challenges such as this with skill, commitment, good humour and as a result, the film found its shape. 

In recent times, the image of these towns have taken a battering in the press but from the local people we found a spirit of generosity, an eagerness to collaborate, a pride in the towns history and a warmth that you rarely find when shooting in big cities.
 It was an experience that none of us will ever forget.